How Venna came to be

Blossoming Beginnings

We believe wholeheartedly that there’s no wrong way to be a woman.

For the ruthless trail blazer on the way to her next challenge, the wandering traveller that’s anything but lost, the resilient mother that takes one day at a time and every woman in between, Venna stands by your side.

The beginning of Venna was about reimagining the way women could experience Cannabis. We strive to drive forward innovation in an industry that’s yet to speak to womankind.

By embracing elegance in design, subtle depth in flavour and a smooth lightness in feeling, Venna delivers Cannabis products and accessories that truly connect with our vivacious community of women.

Venna belongs to a movement bigger than itself.

We’re about fuelling recognition for women who continually challenge, fearlessly inspire and always fight back. Be apart of what we stand for and become a Venna woman.