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Five Things We Love to do With Venna

Whether you’re winding down from the day, or revving up for the night, Venna can help you connect with your routine and experience your adventures to the fullest.

We fill our days with chores, routines and tasks, but how often do we mix it up?

For most of us, we usually don’t think too much about our schedules, or how variations of our rituals are changing our moods. Dedicating time to focusing on yourself and your daily activities can help you get to know yourself better, and introduce you to new interests and simple pleasures.

As we explained in our first introduction, cannabis can enhance your experiences and encourage your curiosity. Since Venna was designed for women who are on the go, at home, chasing dreams and everyone in between, we’ve compiled our top five favorite things to do while consuming Venna. Because trailblazing women like you are out on a mission for the best experiences possible.

1. Get Creative

When you consume cannabis, the creative parts of your brain are stimulated, and inspiration is much more likely to strike. Since Venna is a hybrid cannabis, the Sativa gives you a gentle, excited nudge toward your artistic side. However you indulge in expressing yourself, exploring your creative passions while consuming cannabis can be extremely therapeutic and calming.

Hosting close friends for an all out paint party, or finally learning a new artistic technique will be brought to the next level when you invite Venna to the crafting table. And who knows, that doodle you started mindlessly drawing a few minutes ago might just spark an idea for your next big project.

(Hint: Not sure about your creative side? Pick up Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic to explore how living a creative life can be different for everyone, and get some insight into how you can express your creativity).

2. Relax and Wind Down

Similarly to a glass of wine after a long day, cannabis will ease your body into a delightfully relaxed feeling once you curl up on the couch, run a warm bath, or settle in to enjoy a new book in the sun. If you’ve had a long day on your feet and your muscles are sore, or work is weighing you down when you get home, your Venna pen will be sure to quiet your mind and relieve any aches in your body.

Venna’s Indica components will help your body relax, and once you allow yourself to fully wind down for the evening, sleep will come easier, drifting you gently into a happy, calm slumber that will leave you feeling rested and refreshed the next morning.

3. Get Active

Another way we love to use Venna is to help our workout routines. Its gentle nudge of energy and motivation will keep you pushing through that last mile, yoga flow or weight set. Whether you’re building strength, pushing your endurance or stretching out after a long week, consuming Cannabis before a workout will help your body use its capabilities without as much fatigue (especially if you’re exercising in the evening after a full day).

If you enjoy exercising outdoors, bringing your Venna along will help you appreciate your surroundings and enjoy the scenery, and can take your mind off the hard work out.

4. Connect With Nature

Though bringing Venna outside with your workout routine can help you finish out strong, simply taking a walk outdoors can be relaxing and inspiring. Take Venna on a hike with your friends, sit by the water and enjoy the breeze, or walk around the block to make it a new experience. Expect to feel delighted at the beauty of simple things, excited at what’s around each corner, and curious to explore further.

5. Have a Meaningful Conversation

Nothing beats having an honest, no-distractions conversation with someone you care about. Just like cannabis can help our introspective experiences, visiting with a friend or loved one can become a heartfelt, uplifting discussion. Invite someone over whom you haven’t spoken to recently, call a long distance friend, or chat over lunch. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much you can appreciate the simple conversation and company of those we often take for granted.

Venna’s hybrid qualities will keep the chatter upbeat and lighthearted, while encouraging you to dive deeper than small talk with each topic that arises. Whether you’re just catching up, debating the news, or sharing personal stories, the conversation will leave you feeling happy and glad you made the effort to reach out.

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