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Our Must-Reads for the End of Summer

Bringing out your inner #Girlboss with five empowering female authors.

As the end of summer is (sadly) quickly approaching, we look toward the fall with hopes of motivation, and plans to be our strongest, most productive selves.

Here at Venna, we believe that you are your best self when you’re the most confident. But the truth is, sometimes we all need a little inspiration to feel like we can conquer the world. As advocates for opportunities for all women, we know that when you’re feeling down, it’s hard to get back in your groove.

So, how do we stay on top of our A-game and motivate ourselves to make this fall our most productive and successful season yet? By reading stories from and about other strong women who inspire us to lean in, work hard, and get it done! Here are our top reads to get you ready and excited to take on whatever the next season has in store for you. And remember, as always, Venna is here to support and inspire you on all your endeavors.

For the woman who’s feeling uninspired:

Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert

Big Magic is the perfect read for the woman who feels like her life is lacking that extra, well, magic. Maybe you aren’t excited about your day when you wake up, or feel like work takes up your whole week and there’s no time left for passion to make its way into your life. Or maybe, you’ve lost your creative touch and life is just a little dull.

In her latest book, Elizabeth Gilbert will show you that you don’t have to ditch your hobbies just because you’re an adult. While following her witty advice and taking on a new outlook on our routines, we found meaning and excitement in our daily schedules and let creativity and magic take the front seat for a change.

Whether you work in a creative field and need to get back to looking forward to your projects, or are lacking enthusiasm about your career and want to find that magic outside of work, Gilbert’s book is sure to leave you feeling exuberantly inspired and ready to take on a new perspective.

For the introvert on her way to being an executive:

Quiet, Susan Cain

Susan Cain sheds light upon society’s bias toward extroverts in her book, Quiet. But, not only does the book reveal the difference in experience for the social butterflies and shy types of the world, it documents and drives forward the power of the introverted. In a society that constantly applauds and idolizes those who speak their minds loud and proud, Cain turns to those shadowed by this spotlight and brings forth the value and benefit in thinking before you speak, taking your time in opening up and being comfortable with only yourself.

So, if you’ve ever felt less-than for your quiet ways, pick up her book and read all about why speaking up isn’t the only way to succeed, and how you can gain confidence in your personality without pushing yourself too far out of your natural tendencies. And from us here at Venna, we hear you, and think you’re awesome. Keep on killing it out there, even if you think no one sees your triumphs.

For the woman wanting to make waves in the tech world:

Geek Girl Rising, Heather Cabot + Samantha Walraven

It’s old news that the gender divide in technology is gaping and evident, but what about those who dare to break the barrier? Told by two sisters taking charge of their tech-centered careers, Geek Girl Rising delivers inspiration and advice for all women wanting to stake their claim in pioneering the modern world. From women heading up cutting-edge startups to female-lead teams shaking up the industry, this chronicle of trial and success told in the relevant, cutting voice of these sisters will have you ready to jump at the next opportunity to join the “boys’ club.”

Whether you’re looking into a career in tech, are planning to overthrow the whole industry and take it by the heels, or are just curious about how women find and own their place in the field, check out Geek Girl Rising for a first-hand looks at women knocking down the walls surrounding a prominently male field.

For the woman needing a modern-day mentor:

Leave Your Mark, Aliza Licht

What better way to combine style, career advice and inspiring memoirs than in a book gracefully written by a modern day superwoman? Aliza Licht has encountered all there is to come across in her time working in fashion, PR and more. She recounts her struggles and success in this witty, personal book while making you feel like you were “just grabbing coffee together.”

Though her careers may indicate glamour and glitz, her advice is down-to-earth, honest, and relatable to women on all career paths. Laugh along with her favorite career moments, get insider scoop on industry happenings and be inspired by Licht’s candid navigation of her dream career and how she got there.

For the woman who’s going nowhere fast on the pursuit of happiness:

The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin

There may come a point where you ask yourself what you really want out of life. And for Gretchen Rubin, the answer was happiness. The problem was, she wasn’t living to achieve that. In fact, she, and many others, never think too much about what they’re doing to make themselves happy. We think this is a serious problem. So, being the trailblazing go-getter that she is, Rubin set out on a year-long journey of living to find more happiness and “generally have more fun.”

In her novel, follow her project through research, experiment and perfectly selfish living to work toward being your happiest, most self-empowered woman. Sparking a movement around the country of “Happiness Project” groups and online communities, The Happiness Project will inspire and encourage you to find what makes you smile and chase it fearlessly without apologizing.

Now that you’re armed and ready with your must-reads as we settle into the start of fall, take a moment to reflect on how far you’ve come this year, and get excited for how far you have left. With these books on your shelf, you can breeze into the next season with confidence in knowing you’re ready to take on the rest of the year.

Read any of these book or want to recommend another must-buy? Let us know! You can find us on Instagram @my_venna to tell us all about your plans for fall motivation!