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Why We Love Ravenous Rose Oil

From clearing blemishes to boosting confidence, we can’t get enough of this miracle oil.

Rose oil is the new best friend you didn’t know you needed. Until now.

It’s no secret that essential oils can do wonders for your mind and body, but what about the ones we consume directly? Venna set out to ensure you get all the benefits of the natural essences we use without any pesticides or harmful chemicals.

Ravenous Rose oil doesn’t just look great in your bag, it feels great, too. The natural rose essence has so many alluring benefits, we aren’t sure which ones we’re most excited about. So, here’s why Ravenous Rose is our go-to oil for every occasion:

Venna uses real rose petal oil in every Ravenous Rose product.

Because Venna products are infused with 100% natural flavor, you can be sure you’re getting the full value of what the essence has to offer. Each Ravenous Rose all in one pen is full of the real, natural oil found in rose petals, so your body can absorb all the wonderful things rose oil can do.

We didn’t just want to make a product that tastes and smells like rose, we wanted to harness and implement the power of rose oil and bring it to you in one beautifully and discreetly packaged pen that will lift you up and calm you down whenever you need it most.

Rose oil has incredible health benefits.

Similarly to mint and lavender, rose is known to be extremely healing and can do wonders for your health. The oil can inhibit water loss in skin to speed the process of healing wounds. Rose essence can also help fight infection due to the high antioxidant concentration found in the flower.

Another way rose oil benefits your physical health is by reducing inflammation. Inflammation can be the cause of many symptoms, including fever, headaches, joint pain and stomach indigestion. Rose oil’s anti-inflammatory properties can lower a fever, ease body aches and help fight indigestion. It can also help ease the symptoms of those with arthritis and gout, as the symptoms are caused mostly by unnatural inflammation in the body.

Rose oil can also help combat pains of menstruation such as cramps, headaches and fatigue, as well as helping you maintain an even week emotionally.

Rose oil has uplifting effects on mental health.

In addition to fueling positive effects in your body, rose oil can be good for your mental health. The smell of rose alone can enact higher levels of confidence and self esteem, while the oil properties help fight depression and anxiety.

So, if you’re headed out for the night and need a little boost, bring Ravenous Rose along to ensure you’ll be feeling your best all night. Or, if you’re feeling anxious before a big event, quiet the nerves in your stomach with a quick draw of rose oil.

However, rose oil doesn’t just make you happier and calmer, it can also act as a powerful aphrodisiac. The sight of the rose color in combination with its sweet smell and taste can fight sexual dysfunction and encourage more meaningful intimacy.

There are many cosmetic benefits of rose oil, including healing stretch marks.

With so many beauty tips out there, all claiming to have the perfect skin regimen or makeup hack, it’s hard to know what will really work for you. But, we can attest that rose oil lives up to the hype. Its healing properties can help fade blemishes such as age spots, stretch marks or scars, because of the high antioxidant content in the oil.

Rose oil can also fight acne and keep your skin clear, without the four-step cream kit. Simply exposing your skin and body to the oil can have an effect on your breakouts and after several uses, you may notice a considerable difference in the amount of redness and spots appearing on your skin.

Lastly, rose oil is known to give your skin a healthy, dewy glow. This applies more to when rubbing the oil directly on your skin, but inhaling the rose essence can have the same effect to some extent. Think of it like a swipe of blush across your cheekbones before heading out, or a soft dusting of highlight on your way to dinner.

The appearance of healthy skin, mixed with the confidence-boosting qualities of inhaling the rose oil will have you ready for whatever comes next. Ravenous Rose will have you feeling light on your feet, but grounded with a purpose; always ready for a challenge, and looking your best.

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