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Five Inspiring Women Who Use Cannabis

These women are breaking stereotypes left and right, and can inspire you to do the same.

Cannabis can empower women to be their most confident selves…

But in a society that has an overwhelming negative outlook on cannabis, it can be difficult for those who see its benefits to be comfortable enjoying and promoting the responsible use of the plant.

If you’ve been feeling nervous about talking about your interest in (or longtime love of) cannabis, take note of how these five women don’t let naysayers stop them from being comfortable with their confidence in cannabis.

1. Jennifer Aniston

We like to think of Jennifer Aniston as our cool, eclectic friend who we barely ever see, but love catching up with. Between taking incredible care of her body with daily yoga, eating almost-paleo most days, and starring as our favorite characters in every movie we want to see, it doesn’t seem like she has much time for relaxing and letting her hair down (which also looks perfectly undone, by the way).

However, Aniston has expressed her occasional enjoyment of cannabis, and told Rolling Stone, “there’s nothing wrong with [it]…everything in moderation,” which we guess is the secret to her healthy, youthful glow!

2. Lakisha Jenkins

With a doctorate in naturopathy, and a membership to the American Herbalist Guild, Jenkins is taking the cannabis industry by storm. She helped write the California legalization laws, and can use cannabis to treat a variety of symptoms.

We can all take a page from her book and be a voice for those coming after us by using cannabis to help ourselves and others, and be involved in the continued acceptance its use across the country.

She also works as an advocate for the recognition of minority groups in cannabis, and strives for total inclusion of all approaches, healing methods, and backgrounds in her practice.

3. Susan Sarandon

As an actress, Susan Sarandon has won several Oscars, and conquered many types of roles. With such a hectic schedule, she needs a way to bring herself back to her center.

Sarandon told HIGH TIMES Magazine that, “smoking helps you to connect again- to be present and conscious.” We couldn’t agree more. Though her first public support of cannabis came in that interview, she has spoken to press multiple times about her fondness for getting high and how she uses it to make the most of her weekends, or savor a quiet moment to herself.

Look to Sarandon as a role model for how you can use cannabis to help you take advantage of time with yourself, friends, or loved ones, and keep yourself sane during especially busy times.

4. Jane West

Jane West is the Founder and CEO of Jane West, a modern lifestyle brand supporting the 21st-century cannabis user. Aside from running her company, she is a mother, and cannabis activist.

She told complex.com that women “are influencing broader social change, and it’s a powerful privilege.” West is a perfect example of a woman who isn’t letting the pressures of motherhood force her to hide her support of cannabis.

Look to her as inspiration for bringing out your inner CEO, and not letting anyone stop you from making a difference in your own way.

5. Frances McDormand

As the first celebrity mother to appear on the cover of HIGH TIMES Magazine, McDormand made waves in the cannabis industry by bringing to light her past and present relationship with cannabis.

McDormand proves that you can still graduate from Yale, achieve the Triple Crown of acting, be a successful mother, and use cannabis without it interfering with your life and goals.

Now that you have your inspiration, you can go forth with confidence, knowing your love of cannabis is backed by other strong, empowered women who stand with you.