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Making the Case for Switching From Flower to Oil

Here’s the 'stoned' cold truth about the benefits of oil over flower.

The long-time stereotype against packing bowls of flower, or rolling up a joint are becoming a thing of the past.

Though we appreciate the traditional cannabis-smoking methods, there is a time and a place for covering your fingers in sticky resin, and your day-to-day venture is not it.

As you hop from board meetings, to barre class, and back home in time for dinner and some you-time, having an oil pen can make all the difference in the success of your day, and won’t leave you coughing between your commitments.

Our favorite thing about cannabis oil that isn’t found with flower is that…

It’s compact and portable:

Not only is everything you need ready to go at a moment’s notice, but it is stored in a stylish pen that won’t take up too much space in your bag.

If you were relying on smoking out of a pipe, you would need the fragile glass piece itself, the bag or jar of flower, a lighter, and a paper towel or something to keep it tidy with. It’s more time consuming, and has so many different components that aren’t worth the extra hassle.

Save yourself time and space by sticking with a sleek all in one pen you can stash in your purse or pocket on the go, that will be ready for you right when you need it.

The next best thing about cannabis oil?

It doesn’t have to smell like you’re smoking cannabis:

We’ve all been there, the undeniable smell of cannabis wafts around the corner, and you know exactly what’s going on. Even if you’re used to the smell, it can be distracting, cause headaches, or make your clothes smell of the smoke.

An all in one oil pen such as Venna, that’s infused with natural essences masks the smell, and releases the light fragrance of your choice without drawing attention to what you’re doing. So you can make a move, lean in, or chat with confidence.

And if you don’t want the whole block knowing you’re smoking cannabis…

All in one oil pens are discreet:

Not only can you tuck it away in your bag at a moment’s notice, but when you’re holding it in your hand, it just looks like a mysteriously elegant accessory.

Nobody will know it’s your secret trick to staying calm and productive on hectic days!

In addition to being inconspicuous in a crowd,

Smoking oil feels easier on your lungs than flower:

Since you’re inhaling vapor, and not pure smoke from an open flame, it is more gentle on your body and throat. You won’t feel as much of a need to cough, and the burning sensation often associated with smoking flower is barely-there, if at all.

Another reason we favor oils over flower is that…

Venna pens are infused with other natural essences that do wonders for your body:

From Ravenous Rose’s hormone-balancing capabilities, to the glow Beckoning Blueberry brings to your skin, and Melodic Mint’s energizing sensation, you aren’t just smoking cannabis.

You’re nourishing your body with other natural oils that give you more than just the lift of a hybrid strain.

And if that’s not enough to sell you on switching to oil…

Portable oil pens give you immediate balance whenever, wherever:

It’s ready when you are, looks great in your bag, and can calm you down or boost you up in an instant.

Whether your nerves are getting the best of you before a big meeting, you’re looking for an invigorating inhale before a workout, or simply want to unwind at the end of the week, oil works with you and your life, and you’ll never have to stop and get it ready.

We want to know your favorite thing about cannabis oil; let us know on Instagram, @my_venna, or on Facebook! We love to hear from the incredible community of inspiring women who we are thankful to call our muses, friends, and customers.