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Beautiful Cannabis Packaging Elevating the Industry

These companies are raising the bar for cannabis packaging.

In a market as saturated as cannabis, it’s hard to stand out.

One way cannabis brands are upping their sales is through providing an alluring, elegant experience through their packaging. Its not enough to provide a great product anymore, it has to stand out on the shelves and attract consumers. These companies are valuing quality over quantity, and we couldn’t be more excited to share the beautiful branding that’s lifting the cannabis industry up into a sophisticated, exquisite aesthetic.


Designer: The Motel
Location: South Africa
Why We Love It: The elegant, detailed illustration styling meets a modern and simple design with the clear bottle. We adore the metal-toned variations, and only wish we were on the next flight out to Capetown to try it for ourselves.


Designer: Wick & Mortar
Location: WA + NV
Why We Love It: Flask-like corked bottles, bold, clean script font, and honeycomb patterns make this product stand out.


Designer: Ray Landgraf, CEO of Island
Location: CA
Why We Love It: Bold, colorful, and perfectly Cali-coast vibrant, Island Cannabis delivers sunny, uplifting packaging that makes even the northernmost dwellers yearn for a drive down Highway One.

Bloom Farms

Designer: Pavement
Location: CA
Why We Love It: Sleek, monochromatic, nothing-but-boring. The Highlighter Plus packaging for Bloom Farms is nothing if not the culmination of simple elegance, and understated beauty.


Designer: Noise 13
Location: CA
Why We Love It: An exquisitely simple edible box. Dovana delivers clean, beautifully-colored packaging for an edible that we’re sure tastes as good as it looks.

As for Venna, we fully support and commend the bold, graceful designers and brands that are continuing to produce high standards for the cannabis packaging industry. Have another brand project in mind you think we would love? Send us the link! And, as always, thanks for reading the Venna journal.