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Your Five Biggest Cannabis Questions, Answered

The most important things to know before purchasing your first Venna pen.

Trying something new can be intimidating, especially if it has a history as controversial as cannabis.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to try it, but aren’t sure where to start. Or maybe you’re just starting to wonder if it could help you conquer your days with ease, and elevate your nights to new excitements.

Whatever your uncertainty is, you can proceed with confidence in knowing you’re choosing the right thing for yourself, and what awaits you when you consume cannabis.

1. Will I become addicted to cannabis?

While everyone has a different personality, and you should always be aware of how your body responds to new substances, the majority of people don’t report becoming ‘addicted’ to cannabis.

Cannabis pens differ form cigarettes in that they aren’t engineered to leave you wanting more, but rather give you just what you need the first time. So, not to worry, Venna will leave you feeling satisfied and content, not wanting more.

As it goes with any new thing you introduce into your life, you should monitor how cannabis impacts you. It is possible to feel dependent on cannabis, so just be sure it stays an enjoyable pastime, not an unhealthy habit.

2. How do I avoid snacking on unhealthy foods while high?

From our experience, the ‘munchies’ seldom drive you to finish an entire bag of your favorite junk food, but rather make you enjoy the flavors of your meals more than you normally would.

Our advice is to plan ahead and buy yourself a healthy treat before consuming cannabis that you can look forward to. Another way to monitor your snacking is to set out your food before you bring out the Venna, so you only eat what you’ve already served. You can relish in the meal or snacks you’ve prepared for yourself, but won’t feel the need to overindulge.

For more healthy eating ideas, head on over to our post about canna-snacking.

3. Will people judge me for enjoying cannabis?

The short answer: they shouldn’t. However, many skeptical mentalities still persist, despite society’s growing acceptance. If you’ve just started enjoying cannabis and are unsure how the people in your life will respond, wait to tell them until you’re sure it’s something you feel you need to share!

What you do with your life and body is your business, and the people that care about you will support you doing whatever you feel is best for you. Don’t let skeptics hold you back from trying something that could bring you great peace and confidence.

4. What does consuming cannabis feel like? Will I enjoy it?

We hope so! Expect to feel a gentle wave of relaxation and balance as you inhale. The feelings you experience can greatly depend on your mood and personality, so going in with an optimistic and excited attitude is key to enjoying your cannabis.

If you’re nervous about the feelings associated with being high, ask a friend to join you. Not only will you feel more comfortable with a close friend nearby, but it’s a unique alternative to your Friday night routine of dinner and drinks.

Some people experience a light buzz, similar to a glass of red wine, while others enjoy the soothing calm cannabis brings to your body. Your experience will also reflect your surroundings, so set the mood for whatever you’re looking for. An upbeat playlist and natural light will inspire you to complete your to do list, while candles and a Netflix series will ease you into a deeply relaxing evening.

5. How can cannabis benefit me?

All sorts of ways. You can use cannabis to calm your nerves before a big event, or amp up your workout routine. Cannabis can help you feel more confident, just like your favorite lipstick.

Aside from boosting confidence or balancing your mood, cannabis has lots of medical benefits. It can relieve headaches, reduce stress, and help treat depression. It also helps you fall asleep if you’re feeling restless, or wake you up on a hectic morning.

Now that you’re armed and ready with the knowledge to begin your own journey with cannabis, it’s time to plan your first evening. Call your ladies, and plan the perfect night-in to try cannabis for yourself.

Have any more questions? Reach on out! You can find us on Instagram @my_venna. We’d love to hear from you.