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5 Things To Do With Venna This Spring

Warmer weather opens up loads of new opportunities to experience cannabis

Now that the sun is starting to stay out later, and the chill of winter is finally lifting, we’re getting more and more excited to break out Venna in the sunshine.

Read one for five things you can do with Venna as it starts to warm up…

1. Go for a picnic

Nothing feels better than snacking on a delicious tray of fruit, cheese, and crackers while the sun warms your shoulders. Bringing Venna along for the outing will only heighten your experience! Grab a couple friends, and spread out your picnic blankets for an afternoon of sun, snacks, and cannabis.

2. Do some spring cleaning

Since Venna is designed to give you a gentle nudge of energy, taking time to really purge your home and mind of unnecessary clutter will seem like a breeze. Set up your favorite invigorating playlist, and get to work. You’ll be pleased and surprised at how quickly it goes by, and after you’re done, you can relish in the tidy space you’ve created for the new season.

3. Cook a new recipe

Just like a picnic, eating outside can make your food taste more interesting, and add a new dimension to mealtimes. Whether it’s with your family, or a group of friends, having Venna by your side while you cook a new dish, and eating out in the setting sun can bring your night to new levels.

4. Have a beach day

If you don’t live near the ocean, head to the nearest lake (or pool, or river, or whatever water you can find). Allow Venna to help you relax into the sights and sounds of nature. The sound of the water will calm your mind and ease your spirits. Setting aside a portion of your day to be still and silent in the sun near the sea will do wonders for your mind and body. Not only will you feel feel refreshed from the air, but your brain will thank you for allowing it a break in what can be a stressful season for some.

5. Try a new exercise class

Whether it be yoga, Zumba, barre, or anything else that peaks your interest, give yourself a boost before trying a new class. Group fitness can be extremely motivating and much more exciting than hitting the treadmill. Plus, Venna will allow you to be in tune with your body and expand your capabilities.

What else do you enjoy in the springtime with cannabis? Let us know on Instagram, @my_venna!