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Our Top Five Favorite Cannabis Rituals for Spring

Cannabis helps us improve our daily routines, and enjoy life's sweetest moments, especially when the weather's nice.

As the weather starts to change and the sun peaks out more often, we’re getting more and more excited to bring cannabis into our routines this season.

It’s finally getting warmer, and we’re able to spend more time outside (cheers to fresh air!). We’re doing a little spring cleaning of our own, by saying “out with the old habits, and in with the new ones.” To us, that means ditching our winter blues. That also means using cannabis to help us get excited for longer days and warmer nights.

Here are our top five ways to use cannabis to lift your spirits this spring:

1. The Weekly (or daily) Walk

Exercise is important, but how you exercise can improve your mental health tremendously if done right. A great way to sneak extra steps in is to schedule time once a week, or once a day if you have time, to walk at least half a mile. This can mean walking to a further bus station, skipping the Uber and heading to lunch across town on foot (for at least part of the way), or simply strolling in the park.

Bring Venna along and let it guide you in appreciating the sights and sounds as you stroll. Not only will it get your blood pumping and give you more energy, but you can use it as a meditative practice, or time to focus in on your thoughts. You’ll be inspired by the outdoors, and happy to be in the sunshine.

2. The Nighttime Wind-Down

Maybe work has been especially hectic and stressful this winter, or you’ve been slammed with family commitments and feel like you never get a moment to yourself. Right before bed is the perfect time to escape and let your mind be calm. Consuming cannabis allows you to make the most of a small amount of time. Even if you only stay awake for a half hour relaxing, you’ll feel like you’ve really been able to appreciate it.

Whether you read a book, watch a movie, sit with a face mask, or simply get in bed and let the blissful calm carry you softly into sleep, using cannabis before bed can help you appreciate your nights more, especially if you’re prone to insomnia or night-stressing. Which, for those of you who aren’t familiar, is what happens when everything you don’t need to worry about makes itself known right as you’re trying to fall asleep.

3. The Creative Outlet

Even if you’re not an artist, letting your creative juices flow can be extremely therapeutic and calming. Adding cannabis to the project makes it even more peaceful. Grab your Venna, and some basic art supplies and see where it takes you. We love searching Pinterest for watercolor ideas, because they’re all up to interpretation, and you can create so many beautiful images with little artistic knowledge or ability.

Try making something bright and happy, such as flowers, the sky, ocean, or sunrise, to keep you excited for the sunny spring weather.

4. The Real Spring Clean

It may sound like just another thing you have to get done, but spring cleaning can be liberating and refreshing if you set yourself up for success. Put aside a day where you don’t have any other plans (or at least several hours), and make a plan for how you want to tackle each space in your life.

Start with the hardest one first. Maybe you’d love to be able to finally see what the surface of your desk actually looks like, or the coat closet would be really great if you could actually hang up a coat in it. Whatever it is, dive right in. It will make everything else so much easier.

Cannabis comes in when you lose the motivation. Once you feel like you’ve hit a wall and can’t do any more, sit down, relax, and grab your Venna before jumping back in. It can seem like a lot at first, but taking a deep breath, and allowing cannabis to gently nudge you in the right direction will help you get it done. Trust us, once you wake up the next morning to clean countertops, it will have been well worth it.

5. The Perfect Meal

It can be something as simple as a caprese salad, or elaborate as a four course dining experience. Whatever your ideal meal is, make it for yourself (or for you and a friend) and let cannabis ease you into savoring the flavors. Try something simple and seasonal, and opt for fresh ingredients from the market. The process of getting out to buy what you need, cooking, and sitting down to eat slowly will allow you to enjoy all that you’ve created.

We often rush through preparing our meals, and overlook the beauty that comes with cooking a delicious dinner, and forget to appreciate each step that contributes to a wonderful dish. Once you sit down to eat, reflect on the way you feel as the food fills you up, and thank yourself for carrying you through the winter. Remind yourself that you deserve and love the food you prepare, and get excited to mix up your home dinner menus as new produce comes into season.

Remember, even if it’s just cutting up fresh tomatoes and mozzarella, methodical and thoughtful preparation can make all the difference in enjoying your food, and cannabis can help you appreciate the process.

Using cannabis along with some of these rituals helps us get in the spirit for spring, and get excited for the sun’s return. If you try one of these ideas, or have one of your own to share, let us know on Instagram @my_venna!

And cheers to the sunny seasons ahead!