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Sexual Wellness Cannabis Products We’re Excited About

These products will have you getting ready to get it on.

It’s no secret that cannabis can be used for a multitude of health reasons.

But one of the newer ways cannabis can enhance your overall wellness is bringing it into the bedroom.

Because cannabis has calming effects, it can help you overcome any mental blocks you may be experiencing. It also has sensory-heightening properties, so you’ll feel your best all night (or day, or afternoon, or whenever) long.

We love following brands that put our bodies first, and open up the conversation around taboo subjects, like sex and personal care. So we rounded up five of the cannabis-infused sexual wellness products we’re especially excited about right now.

Quim: Oh YES! Latex-Safe Serum

According to their website, “Quim is a self-care line for humans with vaginas and humans without vaginas who love vaginas.”

Talk about a mission statement we can get behind. The Oh YES! latex-safe serum increases your libido, and heightens sensation.

By acknowledging the need for additional vaginal care and designing products specifically for pleasure, Quim puts women in control of their experience. The packaging is flirty, sensual, and vibrant: exactly what they aim to make sex like for their users.

Dosist: Passion

The Dosist Passion pen comes with pre-rationed doses, so you know exactly how much you’re getting, every time. Because there is no question if how much you inhale will work, you can choose if you want to indulge, or get just enough.

With a sleek, uncomplicated vape pen, you get the pleasure-enhancing THC you want, with just the right amount of CBD to ease any discomfort.

Velvet Swing

Velvet Swing provides heightened sensations, while decreasing inflammation and discomfort.

In a convenient, easy-to-use pump bottle, you’re able to decide how much extra you want to add. It’s perfect for any erogenous zone, and won’t get you high.

Because Velvet Swing isn’t formulated for any specific body part, people of any gender or pronoun can enjoy it. We love how this product is open to interpretation, and doesn’t leave anyone out of the fun.

1906: Love

This aphrodisiac-filled cannabis chocolate is described as “next level, howling at the moon type magic.” That sounds pretty unbeatable to us. 1906’s Love gives you the perfect high for getting it on: body and mind.

They know that things get in the way of sex. Obstacles like stress, anxiety, mood swings, or other health concerns can make relaxing into a sensual experience difficult. Love was designed to give you increased blood flow to erogenous zones, and ease tension.

All this makes for the perfect formula for a night of worry-free passion.

Foria: Pleasure

Foria’s Pleasure is a THC-infused lubricant that relieves dryness and discomfort. And it’s made specifically for women.

Foria embraces the fact that orgasm can be hard to achieve, and celebrates the way their product allows women to get there. Many of the reviews recount stories from women who were afraid their libido would disappear as they aged, but with Pleasure, they were able to rekindle that passion.

Whether you’re new to the ways cannabis can enhance intimacy, or are looking for your next go-to product, all of these companies offer products for anyone who wants a little extra for their sexual wellbeing.

From beautiful packaging to inclusive brands and more, the cannabis industry is making moves into the bedroom, and we can’t wait to see what they produce next.